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A heart; a symbol of one's affection towards another.
What Alicia will sometimes give to Steven when she says she loves him.
by AKD April 19, 2005
An exaggerated version of the less than three emoticon (heart, love, or luv) used in online forums and chatrooms. Used to indicate extremely strong love or attraction; akin to the multiple hearts drawn over/around a lovestruck cartoon character.

If read aloud, this symbol is best pronounced "lotsa-hearts" or "loooove": the number of threes may vary, sometimes growing too long for a literal mathematical reading.
I <33333333 you so much!
I <33333333 it when we hug...
I <33333333 pizza.
I <33333333 that teddy bear you gave me!
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 12, 2006
an exaggerated version of the emoticon <3, which means love or heart. much like lololololololol compared to simply lol.
Betty: I <33333333 Taylor Lautner!!!1!!!onehundredeleven!
Kelly:... just say <3. Or, even better, "love".
by Mary Hada Lilamb July 30, 2010
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