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a super advanced version of <3
omOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG i <33 thats like x123123 more than a plain <3
by craigums March 06, 2005
A heart used to converse and express emotion over the internet, through a text message, in E-mails, or on notes.

Is a more glamorous version of the tyical <3
can't wait to see you tonight <33
by CPIERY September 28, 2007
Multiple hearts. See <3
The second heart is partially obscured by the first heart.
Aww, you're so sweet! <33
by AVGN May 15, 2016
A simple addition to any statement or piece of text that can be taken as an aside note of:

"Not only am I a user of annoying symbol combinations but I'm also incompetent at typing and/or lack any knowledge of the fact that extending things just makes them more annoying not more meaningful"
or similar.
(messenger conversation)
Person 1: Hi, ASL? <33
Person 2: *blocks*
by vexis September 12, 2007
this word means nothing else besides "less than 33".
pi 3.14 is less than thirty-three (<33).
by funkstarr May 07, 2007
lessthanthreethree. Just an enlongated version of <3 or lessthanthree. Or a typo of someone going for <3
by xXxsuicidebarbiexXx July 22, 2006
Anal love.
Narcoleptic: Aww... <33
Gilg: Ouch. Anal love hurts.
by Meh. February 17, 2004
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