A smiley that be wearin a hat. It is quite festive
Variations include <:D <:/ <:O and an assortment of other festive hat wearing smileys
Person 1: :)
Person 2: <:)
Person 1: Damn, that smiley be wearin a hat

Person 1: <:)
Person 2: i enjoy your festive smiley
Person 1: Thank you

Person 1: :) Somethings...missing
Person 2: The hat man.
Person 1: Oh man i forgot <:)
Person 2: Now. Now, this smiley is complete.
by Smilee:D January 07, 2011
Top Definition
someone in the ku klux klan.
shoot that damn KKK bitch down YO
by useful idiot March 19, 2004
1. An expression of extreme happiness
2. To be very happy or smug
3. A Czar who is very happy
i pwnd you <:)
by John December 09, 2003
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