Yoda-the jedi master
<(-.-)> is so adorable
#jedi master #lil green dude #not lukes father #on star wars #short
by nt so blonde January 29, 2009
Top Definition
Emoticon used to represent Kirby, the little round pink Nintendo character.

Part 2 of the Kirby Dance.
Kirby Dance:
<(-.-<) <(-.-)> (>-.-)>
#kirby #<(-.-)> #kirby dance #<(-.-<) #(>-.-)>
by c4k3=l13 February 04, 2010
the text picture of kirby for random intertianment <<--- if thats how you spell it; it also means if u display it it means ur really bored cuz this kirby eyes "-.-" JUST SAYS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!11111111one ^^

dude u make me feel like <(-.-)> <------ this or not this ---> <(^.^)>
#^^ #kirby #^.^ #o.0 #0.o
by sean phillips November 07, 2007
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