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A combination of ;) and :x, but used mainly by people who are too lazy to hit the shift key. The lips are sealed, and it's winking conspicously, as saying that it will not speak.
<girl 1> seriously, tell me who you have a crush on!!
<girl 2> never! ;x


<girlfriend> come on! which slut were you cheating on me with?!
<boyfriend> I can't tell you! She's pregnant! ;x
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
Used instead of 'lol' or any other laughing term, or to reiterate a sentence.
guy: omg what just happened?
other guy: i dunno. ;x
by ReeveOwnzYou July 16, 2005
Most commonly used by Michael/Sypher/Gogo(AIM).
Look at that, Newbie Tom is using ";x", how new can he get?
by Michael December 16, 2003

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