Normally a typo you make when you try to spell "L. O. L." out on your keyboard.

Sometimes can be used by emo kids on purpose because they think they're cool with their angled, tye-dye colored pictures on myspace.
Dan - "HAHA!"

Andrew - ";p;!"
Andrew - "lol*"

Dan - ";p;! Brb i have to get my cam to post more hardxcore picz on myspace! Then put more eyeliner on. My away message is up! bye!"
by Br0wner April 15, 2006
Top Definition
A common typo of "lol", Mostly happens when you ain't lookin' at the keyboard.

by AC December 27, 2004
A mispelled word that was supposed to be "lol"
Person 1: Hey dude I got a funny joke.

Person 2: Okay, let me hear it.

-Person 1 tells the joke-

Person 2: ;p;!

Person 1: Ehh, what?

Person 2: Sorry meant lol.
by NWA121 January 09, 2010
When one trys to type 'lol' but is tired, drunk, or stupid.
2: ;p;!!!!!
2: lol***
1: Hah, n00b.
by Ghsthunter23 December 19, 2007
common typo for lol
;p;p;p;p;p; thats so funny lol
by Mattelian February 14, 2009
A Typo made when attempting to type LoL.

Or LoL Spelt in the language of Swirlanese .
Mike : Omg that is so funny ;p;

Mike : LoL*

OR Example Swirlanese

Did you see that person at the bar lastnight ;p;
by Mikeybalz December 18, 2011
You just spelled lol wrong.
sry trying to drive right now ;p;
by ewier October 19, 2011
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