Top Definition
Smillie for joking or messing around
- ure mums teh hawt
- i know ;o
by Hyper-Arena 9000 March 30, 2005
A winking simle (emoticon) that suggests you are only kidding (joking). For the other person not to get upset. A less smug version of ;)
hey you, i was only kidding ;o)
by Malcolm Tein July 20, 2005
Face that is giggling and holding his/her hand in front of his/her mouth
Girl: Wanna have sex?
Boy: ;ø
by facetwittersmsgoogle April 13, 2011
pervy wink, to be used whenever you want to make something sound really pervy. oh ye and ;O© IT'S MINE!!!!!
pervy wink knows where you live ;O©
by pervy wink ;O emoticon April 25, 2011
you shot a wad in my eye
"hey baby, let me cum on your face"
;-O AUGH!!
"oh no! I'm sorry!"
by miss elizabeth November 06, 2006
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