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Internet smiley to express crying. Usualy when you're emotioned.
This dress is so cute. ;_;
by salad_fingers May 08, 2006
A smiley or emoticon that is usually used in chatrooms to show that you are crying or very much hurt emotionally.
A: I love you!
B: OMG, I have no such intentions or feelings for you...
A: Nuuuu! ;_;

"Why Pokemon games are first released in Japanese and not in English? That's so much unfair for us! ;_;
by I am some person. September 13, 2009
A (mainly eastern) alternative to the more common :'(
Mike: Dude I cant come to the party, sry
John: WHAT Y?! (;_;)
by Sycodrive August 22, 2009
A face usually used to show sadness, or crying. This face is mostly used by emos and people obsessed with anime.
Person1: you're an idiot and you smell really bad.

Person2: ;_; jerk. go to hell. ;________;
by 1337haxwtfbbqlolwuthiomgwtfhi November 28, 2009
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