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An emoticon used to express a "cute" mood, or something "cute." Commonly associated with anime, the " ; " represents eyes such as: ;-). The " 3 " portrays lips resembling the "sexy pout," only more pooched together almost like to kiss.

An emote normally used in IM and (anime) forums.

If you draw it on a piece of paper and/or look at it from the side, you will be engulfed in the endlessness of cuteness factor.

Pwnee: douche!
Pwnee: u took off with my cell phone in your car this morning!
Pwnee: >.<"

Pwner: lulz
Pwner: ya i was gonna call to let you know..
Pwner: but u obviously couldn't pick up
Pwner: ;3

Tommy: give me ur monies
Hanna: y?
Tommy: i have teh hax
Tommy: >=3
Hanna: lulz, fail.

Dick: but you can't to the prom with billy..
Jane: y not?
Dick: cuz ur suppose to go with me x3
Jane: awww <33333
by ProtoFunc February 09, 2008
a winking cat OR a fancy french gentleman
L: ;3
rockmanj: is that a cat?
L: yes
rockmanj: or a fancy french gentleman?
rockmanj: it looks *very* french to me
by March 05, 2011
A commonly used fur emoticon. Expresses a joke, or just a silly mood. The '3' is thought to be the mussle of a fox.
"Hey Fox!!! How are you!?"

"Rawr ;3 pretty good"
by gamegr. February 01, 2007
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