These could be representing a sweat drop (or two), which are commonly found on the faces of many anime characters. It's generally used when the conversation is awkward or embarrassing.
Bryce: Have you read that book I borrowed you yet?
Selena: No. I haven't had time to...
Bryce: Oh.
Selena: Yeah... ;;

Crystal: There's this test I'm supposed to take today, and I haven't studied at all. I am so fucked. ;;
Terra: You could always cheat?
by Masked Banana December 31, 2009
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many meanings: sad,tear,confusion, etc.
Andy:I'm feeling lonely today.
by bobertftw June 01, 2007
super cute crying sad face
<tiger_yamato> and then I died
<alerith> ;-;
by yamato December 23, 2003
; ;
Japenese emote to show beady eyes and tears coming out.
Aww engrish player beat me to HNM spawn ; ; so sad
by Keough April 19, 2005
Abreviated version of ;_;
I lost my job and now I am crying. ;;
by James August 22, 2004
An emoticon that not that many people know about that could be practically anything. It could be an owl, a vampire, an asian guy with a could mustache. No one knows what it means people just use it. It's practically the 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' of emoticons.
I just woke up from a nap ;-; .
Getting ready to do laundry ;-;
by Thuglyfe-Eskimo. June 28, 2012
A crying face. Could be used out of sadness or joy.
Little cousin: *hugs you*
You: ; - ;
Some prick: Hey, fuck you man
You: ; - ;
by Meruuu September 23, 2012

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