Winking sign!
Go for it ;)
by mr LL.urban October 21, 2009
Semi-colon and close parenthesis.
In the land of might and magic, there lived 4 hobbits:.....;)
by PBR June 08, 2004
; )
a sideways wink you type when you flirt
pedobear: r u ovr 18 qt ; )?
girl: no i only 11
pedobear: il pretnd u sai 18 lolz ; )!!!!!11one
by Anonymous_xo December 12, 2007
The fatal mistake of typing ;) instead of :)
you: hey ;)
you:well fuck
by 1stmarinereg May 22, 2015
1. If someone types this to you, it means they want your nuts.

2. If someone types this to you and doesn't agree that they want your nuts, then they are a tease.

3. Sometimes girls do this to each other, but don't actually engage sexually with each other. Kind of like how some girls make out with each other but also claim to he heterosexual.

person one: hey whatsup? ;)
person two: not much ;)

1. in this example, both people want each-other's nuts, and they will probably end up fucking in the near future.

2. The first one is teasing the other, even though the second is actually dtf
3. two stupid girls that like to suck dick
by monica borbele May 02, 2012
When used by a female speaking to a male, it means "I want your slong."

When used by a female speaking to a female, it means "I want your beaver."

When used by a male speaking to a female, it means "I just winked at you. lol. I'm a douche. :("
Female to male: "Hey sweet cheeks! Want a muffin? ;)"
Female to female: "Bitch ;)"
Male to female: "Hey baby! Wanna see my six pack? ;)"
by El Perrito Grande August 23, 2011
The fruitiest emoticon. Used only by teenage girls. Often mistaken as an acceptable way to express sarcasm or flirtatiousness. Actually just makes you sound like a douche.
Hey, you're coming over at 7, right?
Yeah, see u then. ;)
Uh. Yeah, okay.
by LeeAyeLa May 08, 2011

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