A winky face utilizing the right bracket rather than the right parenthesis.

Often used as a kidding face in a chat room or forum to show others that you are just joking around.

I choose to use the bracket because it's more original than the played out parenthesis smiley.
Guy: Hey what's up?
Girl: Nothing. I'm going crazy!!
Guy: Yeah, that's because you ARE crazy! ;]
by Bryan Ward November 21, 2006
Top Definition
The face of some one who is gonna get ya.
Gonna get ya ;]
by Jiggaburt April 24, 2010
A sexual face that makes everyone moist.
I'd fuck you ;]
by RiseNinja February 10, 2014
A emoticon normally used in instant messaging servers, social networking sites, or chat rooms.
1. being playful--flirting (just like a wink in real life)
2. showing that you are just jokin' around
(**Instant Messaging Conversation**)

lilllboy: baha u crack meh uhp

crazee: hehe you crack me up 2!

lilllboy: bahaha, u also make somethin else go 'uhp' ;]

lilllboy: i cant believe u got banned, lolz

crazee: i knowss! lolz, its so dumb!

lilllboy: chyeahh,you ish dumb too! ;]
by xxbecca November 18, 2008
An evil-looking smiley often used when someone is being sarcastic. For some reason poles this smiley a lot (God knows why).
<polishtard> u owned hehe ;]
by Rune Anderson June 07, 2005
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