Facial expression or emotion used while chatting online. This is used with both positive and negative conversation. Sometimes this is also used as an opening statement to start a conversation.

Originally invented by the Atlantic Reggie Repo (ARR), a guild from Ultima Online.
Jane Doe: I am now employed

John Doe: ;

Jane Doe: k tks
by Forget August 11, 2004
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Top Definition
An emoticon used to imply sarcasm.
<Geek1> I totally pwnzed you!
<Geek2> Yeah, well I pwnzed your mother last night. ;
by Dr Fruitcake July 21, 2004
The way ':(' is written when one hand is occupied with Texting/Eating/Wanking, and shift cannot be held-down.
hey man im eating so i cant use punctuation ;
by Sphotof January 22, 2013
Frown face used by those of the "l33t"
h4rdc0r3 suxx0r ;
by Lohman April 02, 2003

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