The face somebody makes when they charge their laser or get read to do a light beam attack through their mouths.
:U I'm charging my laser!
by Thomas K. August 05, 2007
Top Definition
A parody of other emoticons.
Like people who abuse "LOL" "XD" and other emoticons/abbreviations, :u serves absolutely no purpose. In fact, it merely takes up space. Abuse it wisely.
"hai guyz i would <3 to meet you lol XD XD "

"Get off my internets, pedo. :u
by Cube_cubed December 26, 2007
:U = IDK
-: = 2k12 smiley face

;- = 2k12 Smiley face with a wink
Sara with no H "Why are you Laughing"

Edbin :U
by Eddie Broadway October 29, 2011

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