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spin's pattented suprise/bored face
Damnit peng.. get skinning :o
by penguin October 27, 2002
24 117
The act / face of being surprised.
OMG I didn't know he did that! :O
by Jak Dude May 05, 2005
680 105
what one looks like when one inserts a cucumber up one's ass.
:O There are assorted vegetables up my anus! :O
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
745 337
An emoticon suggesting that the writer "feels like a clown."
Ha ha, just kidding! :o)
by DOVE January 26, 2003
108 33
A emoticon that uses the cap O. Used after an internet comment designed to shock or surprise the reader. As if to say "Oh!"

Or, used to indicate surprise or shock by the author of a comment.
Hey, has anyone ever told you have a bejesus of a big ass? :-O


I can't believe you've just told me I have a bejesus of a big ass! :-O
by She'sabeauty February 18, 2008
32 13
1. A very diverse expression which is able to show extremely detailed feelings and/or emotions
2. An ASCII face in which competes in the Special Olympics
3. See :PO!
omfmgofo!OL!loO!211111 wut teh :O!
by gerbs February 09, 2003
33 23
a smilely with a clown nose.
look its a smiley with a clown nose
by bombkitten October 22, 2008
11 12
An bizzare emoticon of being surprised.
- what are you doing?? :ô
by lulicku December 06, 2008
50 79