Used usually when showing off or ranting on someone.
(12:01:53pm) (AcrophobiaK) what emotion does ;V express?
(12:01:56pm) (solidsnake) ;v
(12:02:04pm) (solidsnake) it shows that im showing off while speaking to you
(12:02:08pm) (solidsnake) see my mouth open
(12:02:09pm) (solidsnake) ;v
by Snake^_^ April 19, 2005
Top Definition
Created by Internet pioneer Joe Griffith in August of 1999, the :V is as ambiguous as it is masterful, representing a variety of expressions and emotions. Occasionally seen on the forums in one or more forms.
ForumMember1: My girlfriend just broke up with me on LiveJournal.
ForumMember2: You loser.
ForumMember3: :V
ForumMember2: Hey that sorta looks like Pacman!
by Captain Obvious June 28, 2004
Obviously a duck
<DonaldDuck> quack quack :V
by buttercakehiccup October 04, 2008
Used in a case in need of irony.
Eks. You are so pretty :v

It means: You are so ugly.
by 2960 Rungsted June 13, 2011
how to make a pacman on facebook
by jrleighton January 02, 2010

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