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a side- smile. can show innocence, or used to lighten up awkward situations
tod: Hey, did you eat my peanutbutter and jam sandwich?
timmy: erm...yeh, :T, sorry
tod: that's alrite buddy!!!
by sazzza April 16, 2008
Similar to :/ , but better.

Also a worthless cool emoticon, like :u and :y and of the sort.
"So what are you going to do for your Birthday?"
"I don't know yet. :T"

"Do you like rock music?"
"Sorta, I guess. :T"
by kuzey November 27, 2009
:t is way of writing a trollface. It is used when making a joke, or trolling someone. It originated on XenForo's extended smileys, and can also be written as :t:.
Person 1: Person 2 is a dumbass :t
Person 2: wtf

Person 1: You're grounded, mate :t
Person 2: wtf
by Lycel February 14, 2015
A smiley for either "i`m chewing" or "Hmmmm"
~wanna go out?

~hey wassup?
~ :T jbec
by blu3hat February 21, 2011
1. A chat room smiley used to show sarcasm or dissapointment, like a half-smile.

2. A smiley showing someone chewing.
1. "So how did your date go last night"

"Eh, it could have been better :T"

2. "Sorry, I'm eating something :T"
by mellow person July 05, 2009
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