1. Lol on bebo

2. The drooling face. The side of the L bottom of the L is the drool.
1. Hahaha :L

2. Oh damn he's hot :L
by againstnormal June 14, 2009
:L is a emotion used to say confusion, thats lame, that's not funny, what are you on, eeeerrrrrrrrrmmm???, etc
jim:are you coming out?

bob:nah i'm grounded

jim: :L
by chucktheduck August 25, 2009
The emoticon :L just means whoever asks the poster what "it" means - is sonned. Usually used when you have just owned someone by prooving them wrong.
pro: :L
nub2: YA LOLZ?
pro: owned
by Nick is thinking too yeild. February 13, 2009
A commonly used smiley within the gore community, Basically i can have the meening you wish, but usally it meens, URDODGE NO :L *sloth
Omg, cbf u gassing me with ur riot fatty, ur haxing fer sure nigor. GO BACK TO UR HOLE FATTY :L
by 9mm March 16, 2005
A new emoticon, founded by me, generally impersonating a gasp or something not being fair.
1) Hey, that's not fair! :L
2) OMG :L
by Josh A Daniell April 24, 2015

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