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a smiley face used in america to show you just got owned, your better, you won, your the greater pimpass, ect.
ayye bitchh i saved the pictures to my computer; forever and ever :-i
by pimp-dizzle March 08, 2008
the fat face. mostly used in texting. can describe many things, just use for any "fat" purpose.
yeah just finished all the cake:I
by emanbeastypants April 12, 2012
its just a smiley:



=-I !!!!!!

like a fat d00d with huge cheeks (maybe)
niko: ur great
loli: :I
well...loli should be super hot...not fat...
by nikokapo September 08, 2006
chubby smiley that shows you're pretty chuffed, or happy, with yourself, or something
Boy: luv ya
Girl: awh :I
by yushness October 23, 2011
Its a smoking smiley, sometimes used to ask people if they want to go for a smoke.
Person 1: Hey you wanna go for a :i?
Person 2: No thanks, I'm not feeling to well
by Drakaru March 19, 2008