The emoticon used for people with no life a.k.a twilight fans.
it represents a vampire and 2 pointy teeth
twilight hater: OMG, twilight is so stupid
twilight lover: NOOO, ITS ESHAYZ!!! :F
#twilight #vampire #:) #:l #new moon #edward cullen #blood #blood sucker
by shillbilly November 26, 2009
Dazed or confused.
A Hillbilly.
can also symbolize teeth being knocked out, or having buckteeth.
Mike: D0000d I just ate shit on my skateboard

Ricardo: How does it taste? :F
#hillbilly #confused #face #internet #1337
by donnyinlakai April 27, 2008
To take place of the :orly owl
orly :F
#orly #owl #rat #cookies #lol
by ratcookies March 16, 2009
It's not a face drooling or whatever else they said it was.
(aim conversation)
person 1: I just watched Van Helsing.
person 2: Oh that is a good movie!
person 1: yeah I know. :F
#emoticons #aim #vampires #smileys #faces
by C.M.M.C. January 31, 2009
an emoticon representing frustration or indicating the user has fangs and is willing to use them on other users who piss him/her/it off

also indicates hunger, or willingness to use teeth for other sundry purposes
<usera> Fuck this shit.
* usera gives up on homework :F
<userb> Now let's cyber. :D
<usera> :F Get out the chocolate sauce.
<userb> :F Mmm, choco~
by Firebottle January 07, 2005
An emoticon used to express the feeling of anger or frustration. Imagine :F representing someone saying the F* word, or Foaming at the mouth.
I can't take this anymore! :F

This is not my day. :F

Bite me! :F

Grrr. :F
by Raccoon August 14, 2004
A face that illustrates when someone is saying or about to say the word "fuck".
<%Kylelotus> I got the lowest score in my class on the SAT.
<%Snake^_^> :F
by Snake^_^ February 03, 2005
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