The lamest smilie ever. Has no real meaning, which is why many idiots routinely use it after sentences that would otherwise convey a valid meaning. Only used by forum nerds and the even bigger forum nerds that idolize them.
1. Have a look at this website dedicated to japanese animation! :E

2. 1337 $p33k is so funny! :E

3. I have never had sex with a woman and hold my sister's panties up to my face when I masturbate! :E
by Half February 01, 2005
A smiley used to describe a three-toothed vampire walrus.
Person 1- :E
Person 2- wtf is that??
Person 1- a three-toothed vampire walrus. isn't it fangtastic?
Person 1- ur done.
by Fangy Fang Fang Fang December 20, 2008
sarcasm, retardation, stupid things, ect.
<Person1> Watch out for Person2, he's strong when mad
<Person2> yea i can just about hurt a fly :E
by Origon March 31, 2005
Rape eyebrows, used to make things awkward and/or to give someone the idea you are thinking about having sex with them.

MADE BY DAKOTA MANNING AND AMYLIA PRONESTI, if you think you came up with this shit, DIE!
*teenage girl sitting alone in diner*
*creepy black man comes up, (:E*
by Dakota and Amylia August 19, 2009
Emoticon for mischievous evil
Leslie is head of the fun/party committee at her work. Her friends and family know her as the succubus of fun yet she volunteered for the gig. She's :E
by Ganzale November 16, 2010
Dat ass. This is the emoticon you use when linking the actual image won't work/isn't as appropriate.
*witnesses rendering of lovely tushy*

by xSOMx July 31, 2011
An emoticon used to express evil, because it looks like a face drooling blood/ with fangs. Used in similar context to >:)
Man 1: Have you ever thought about eating a squirrel?
Man 2: No ?!? :S
Man 1: I have... they look so tasty :E
by sunseasky July 27, 2010
A smily used when something is disturbing or offensive, or just at any time at all.
Jack: I got head from Suzie last night.
Mike: Suzie is an ugly whore :E
by hitandrun2 March 13, 2005

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