The face inspired when talking to the perfect Matt Barr. Sometimes given a body, skateboard, or hat. ie: C|:c)->< Sometimes referred to as Seamus.
Matt is better than you, and you know it.
by drop it like its hotttttt December 07, 2004
Top Definition
The saddest man in the whole entire world.
the burden of the whole entire world is on my shoulders :C
by Fantastic Johnny C April 26, 2005
An extremely sad face.
Britney won't have sex with me.

by smellymax November 30, 2004
A very sad emoticon of Toki Wartooth...or anyone with a Fu Manchu.
Sally: Jim, I have cancer.
Jim: :C
by letoh October 28, 2009
Fu Manchu emoticon
Dweeb1: :-C
Dweeb2: wtf is :-C
Dweeb1: That's my Fu Manchu emoticon
Dweeb2: oh now i get it they r so cool :-C
by Morgan K February 24, 2009
the DeNiroticon
-The face someone pulls when they are impressed.
-A Robert DeNiro impression
Man: Hey Dude I got with That Chick last night
Dude: Niiiiiice :C
by Darth Juggernaut July 23, 2012
Walrus face/silly-ness in context
"Dude that's weird :c"
"Walrus me! :c"
by witchy-chan February 08, 2010
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