butt chin smiley. AKA, peter griffin (of family guy) smiley.
this is what peter griffin and demi lovato have in common-
by mwahahahahahahahahahaha August 20, 2009
Top Definition
An internet face used to symbolize smart-assness.
Hello there. I got a 96% on my science test :B
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
Smiley used to represent large frontal teeth (can be both fake or real).

See Hilary Duff.
You have veneers, like Hilary Duff. :B
by Justin P. September 14, 2005
generally used to describe a buck tooth person or a hillbilly also can be used to describe someone who is not so smart also can just be used as a funny smiley
sema: youre so smart err :B
c2: i know :BBB
by sydney adler January 06, 2009
Its NOT a spongebob emoticon. Who ever thinks that is a complete dumbass. Its an emoticon of buckteeth
1. used after a corny joke
2. symbolizes smartassyness
Knock knock
whos there
corn who
:B Corn on the cob!
That was horrible
by floorpoodle March 25, 2011
The code for the nerd smiley on Meebo. It is a really awesome image and can have multiple meanings. Those who know not of the power the :B possesses are foolish and unknowing beings.
There is no good example for :B, as it can be used in so many situations that one or two would just not exemplify it's usefulness.
by Mawlie March 07, 2009
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