Contrary to popular belief, this is actual a pair of balls on someone's face.

Guy 1: "I'm so clever :3"
Guy 2: "haha, it's a ballsface!"
by Superawesomedoodprinny January 04, 2009
Made to look like a cat, but is really a seal. Most idiots will simply do it to annoy people
":3 it's a cat!!!" "No you idiot, it's a seal. No seal face"
by Kanbei January 11, 2008
The universal sign of pure evil. It doesn't really mean 'cute' or 'coy' or 'lion' or 'teabag.' I simply shows the pure evil of the said words.
Person 1: I'ma eat a cookie :3
Person 2: Pure evil!
Person 1: Muhahahahaha
by That random person you dunno April 09, 2009
An internet smiley used to show quirky/cute expressions. Occasionally it is related to the 'Holy Crap!' meme regarding lions.

"Holy crap! It's a lion, get in the car!"

by Sushiboy May 16, 2008
A person kissing in text
I love you :3
by 1020_0 March 24, 2010
A Lion... Rawr! :3...
Rawr! :3 Oh my god it's a lion! Get in the car!
by Fiddel September 28, 2007
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