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An emoticon implying something is presh, adorbs, or cute drectly or indirectly.
Guy: I got a new puppy.
Girl: Aweeee he's so cute :-3
Guy: -_-
by sanchezthemagnificent July 18, 2013
2 3
A symbol meant to represent the cat face made by anime characters when they say something clever, or sarcastic, or are commenting on something cute.
"Isn't it just adorable? :3"
by Alex September 28, 2003
3068 669
Kinda the '~nya!'(japanese phonetication of english, kitty sound) of the internet. Used to indicate coyness, cleverness, anime-geekiness, cuteness and funny (if not questionably oafy) behavior.
dbzritzer:what were you doing with mikebawler in the other chat room?!
evangeliongal66: oh, nothing...:3
by Qw33n Kuma November 13, 2003
1515 682
an expression used to try to act cute, often used after something weird.
tom: i pissed my pants :3
by razourik February 09, 2009
1316 590
It's supposed to be a coy internet smiley face, resembling something like a cat, cuteness in nature.

I personally think it looks like a ballsack mouth.
Woman: Meow!! :3

Man: I'm gonna teabag your ass! :3
by Sasquatch1337 August 10, 2010
1018 491
An anime face that resembles a kitten's face, it is often used to indicate sarcasm, 'I didn't do it!' kind of thing, or seeing something cute. Some anime characters, like Konata from Lucky Star, has the kitty face. It has a colon, ended with the number 3.
Person 1: This image is so cute! :3

Person 2: I didn't post it! :3
by MisaTange July 07, 2009
401 337
Smiley face with Salvador Dali mustache
The Salvador Dali exhibit at the LACMA was so weird and interesting :3)
by RCG October 29, 2007
70 44
Used in IMs and IRC chatrooms to mimic Grumpy Cat. The :3 represents the infamous nya face, whereas the added ( represents grumpiness/displeasure.
21/12 & still here. Worst Apocalypse Ever :3(
by lezboyd.i.am December 23, 2012
39 17