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A sideways-style text smiley. The colon represents the eyes, and the one represents a straight-forward mouth. The line's dent(s) at the tip(s) represents the curve of a lip.
It's used to show that you're neutral when it comes to what you're saying or reading. Not happy. Not upset. Just regular.
Ramon: How are you today? ^_^
Jacky: I am content :1
Harold: My kitty Fluffy died! ;_;
Jacky: Oh. :1 Sorry.
Jacky: Negative. :1
by ShrewDude October 31, 2007
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Used to represent a sly grin or a smirk in an Instant Message or SMS conversation.
DeliciisB4b3: Ur sooo hottt omg
HottguyF00tb4ll: I no, rght? :-1
by .Storm July 10, 2008
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