When sent by itself as a message via text, aim, mail, etc it has the same meaning as lol, which either has no meaning or means what you just said wasnt interesting. Pretty much if you get a ":)" that person has nothing to say and might even just not wanna talk to you.
bob: hey


bob: whats up


bob:same, except i just got home from the movies, the movie i saw was so funny, you gotta see it

cindy: :)

example 2:
joe: hey babe

haley: hiiiiiiiiii

joe: I had fun tonight

haley: same

joe: you looked so pretty tonight i couldnt keep my eyes off of you

haley: :)
by dennisman456 November 25, 2010
Bitches love it when you send that shit...
Obamaniqua: He texted me saying "Hey." Wtf...
Watermelondrea: That's lame.

Bon Qui Qui: He texted me saying " Hey :) " AWEE!
Watermelondrea: He got game!
by BabyGirl7895 January 08, 2012
It's a cute smile you put at the end of and im or text just to make it look cute. This may also express you are happy.

see also:



: )




:))(can have multiple smiles)







1)Jon : Hey, fuck you :)

2) Hey, I won the lottery :)
by Oven Glove Avenger July 24, 2009
This word usually stands for a smiley face in texting, in gaming chat, or where emoctions are not enabled and people want to show to everyone who's willing to listen that they are happy :)
It's a fine sunny day :)
by Glflegolas February 19, 2014
Smiley-face. Also the most annoying thing in world to text someone! Usually sent by someone trying to end a conversation.
Guy1: "Dude, I was talking to this chick and she sent me a smiley!"
Guy2: " Yah, bro you really screwed up that convo. I hate :)'s!"
by allpunsintended June 14, 2012
The horrible emoticon which is probably the only emoticon along with :( that most people in the world know.

Because of this, a whole variety of feelings just gets hidden. It would even look nicer if people didn't even type :) and :(

It would be A LOT nicer if people could just grow up and learn more emoticons.

This game is so awesome! :)

That's nice :)

I'll work hard :)

Thanks, you're so nice :)

Ahh.....just went to the toilet :)

Thanks so much :)

An earthquake happened in Japan? So sad :( Cheer up :)

nice band is way more amazing that your bad band :)


This game is so awesome! XDD

That's nice ovo

I'll work hard >8D

Thanks, you're so nice ;u;

Ahh.....just went to the toilet =v=

Thanks so much TTvTT

An earthquake happened in Japan? So sad Q___Q Cheer up n_n

nice band is way more amazing that your bad band >u>
by blessthefallisamazing January 31, 2012
If a huge percentage of a person's emoticons is this, it means that he has almost no emotions at all or has little knowledge on emoticons.
Somebody's speakings:
Hope you figure it out :)
Hope you learn this lesson :)
Cheers! :)
A better person:
No way :V this is totally unacceptable XP
Thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ;u;
by 1234123456785678 June 12, 2011

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