emote. An emoticon used to express contentness, slight happiness, or joy. The colons are to to represent the eyes and the open parenthese represents the mouth of a smiling face. A more ecstatic joy can be shown by using the emoticon :D, created using a colon and a capital 'D'. The emotes are often transformed into actual faces while in a chat. See chat instructions and/or guides for further information.
Today is a great day :)
That party was great :)
Hanging out with the best person in the world. :)
by Defiant Blob February 08, 2010
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a smiling face but not as happy as :D
Are you happY?
oh yeah!
by Sam August 11, 2004
An emoticon people write at the end of insults to make it seem slightly kinder.
You're a fucking cunt! :)
by SuperBernard September 03, 2006
1. Emoticon for smiling. Typically it will automatically translate into a yellow icon.

2. The Wal-Mart mascot.
:) Rolling Back prices one item at a time!
by Bobo the Goat September 23, 2005
the two little ASCII characters that started the Emotiocon Revolution!

also the universal symbol for feeling happy, satisfied, etc.
John: so how waz ur day?
Tom: well, pretty lame til i bumped into dis chic, had sum drinks, and made sweet luvin:)
by RayX May 30, 2005
It's a cute smile you put at the end of and im or text just to make it look cute. This may also express you are happy.
see also:
1) OMG! I just got the cutest pair of shoes today! :)

2) Text: I got an A in algebra!
Reply: :)


: )
:))(can have multiple smiles)
by My friends call me icy September 11, 2008
mindless puncuation used to make a smiley face.
not so bad except when 14 year old girls over use it.
14 year old girl: Heyy.!(:
14 year old boy: hey

14 year old girl: wassup.?(:
14 year old boy: ntm. u?
14 year old girl: bah blah balahh.(:
:) (: (: :)
by StormyWonder November 21, 2009
a face.happy.like a sheep.just not a sheep.
: )
hello i have a welsh man today.
by lysander March 24, 2003
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