A little moustache face.
Like my new moustache? :})
by DJ Silly Hat August 22, 2007
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a smiley similar to :3 that is meant to be cute and is used by very awesome people. it can mean yes and can express mischieviousness, happiness, cluelessness, or someone that's keeping a secret or is very self-satisfied. very versatile :}
oji: search my name in urban dictionary
sarah: your a bad australian slang name
oji: =.=;
sarah: or a foxy japanese woman
sarah: :}
by sarahh; likewoahh January 20, 2008
A smiley so powerful that not even google itself had knowlegdge of it, until NOW!
dude :} is stronger than Chuck Norris and Christopher Walken combined!
by Mr. :}'s July 29, 2010
A turtle's smile.
Kid: I like turtle :}
by turtleflow March 26, 2013
A smiley emoticon for those that have a goatee!
You're so awesome, that even the word awesome calls you awesome :]}
by This Chemical Riot January 10, 2010
The creepiest fucking smiley face in existence, not only is Google afraid to search for it, but it's widely known to be the symbol of Satan due to it's blatantly frightening look.
Random douche 1: hi
Random douche 2: :}
Random douche 1: holy shit, that face is fucking creepy.
by totallynotfacade March 10, 2012
A smilie used when someone is laughing at something they probably shoulde'nt, such as sexual enuendo or an immature or crude joke. it can also mean a cheeky grin. similar to :3 but looks less gay if a guy uses it in conversation, and is more of a responce.
Jill: I just swollowed a banana whole!
Jack: cool :}

Example 2:

Jack: I think i need a new ass
Jill: Why? :P
Jack: Mine has a crack in it :}
by Gareth274 August 17, 2011

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