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This is an emoticon, or 'smiley' such as :), :(, or ^_^. Its a guy sticking a finger in his/her open mouth as if to say "Blechh!" The : is the eyes. The < is the top of the mouth. The A is the finger, and the P is the bottom of the mouth with the tounge hanging out. This emoticon can be used to express dislike or disgust in something. It's recommended that you dont use it though, because it is VERY rarely used and people probably wont be able to figure out what the heck it is anyways.
Yujiki: Hey look at this ugly picture of our repulsive classmate whose name I shall not say
Shirou: Oh, ew, his face is so hideous!!! :<AP
Yujiki: Whoa watch out, you're gonna sit on that huge gum wad on your chair
Shirou: Yuck!!! :<AP :<AP :<AP!!! Thanks for warning me!
by Yujiki February 07, 2006
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