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an texticon for a kiss, usually for girlfriend/boyfriend relationships
girl: well its late, im going to sleep... nite, ily~! :)
boy: yeah im tired haha... ily too :)<3
by MeehaHime December 26, 2010
An ending to a comment or status on facebook, resulting in ":) ♥" It is usually used genuinely by girls aged 10-14, and by 16-year-old hipsters that are taking the piss out of others and by doing so, thinking they are different.

It it usually used in the context of commenting on a friends or boyfriends picture, or adding a meaningless comment on a status.
Sophie (on Emma's picture): OMG yooo look soooo stunning babes :) <3
Emma: thanx babes :) <3

Hipster 1: LOL JK im so kl n stunnin :) <3
Hipster 2: omg yer bbz ur beautifulllll :) <3
by Revvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv February 08, 2011