One who joins other internet superheroes in the poasting of content on /b/. A true /b/tard knows all the memes of the land and is disgusted by nothing. A true hardened warrior.

7chan, 4chan, iichan, 12chan, that crazy russian /b/. It doesn't matter. We are one. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget. We are legion. We are Anonymous.
"Holy titanic hermaphroditic shitting dick nipples Cock Mongler, I must be a /b/tard."
by Conductor Cat November 11, 2006
Shortened form of bastard. Used when one is too lazy to use full word, or when full word would be inapropriate.
that stupid /b/tard doesn't know about the rules 1 and 2
by WestPhiladelphian February 09, 2008
Someone who trolls the internet nerd gathering of Basiacally it's where they all go to be n00bs and tell people off for how n00bish they are.

They get hihgly offended when you dis their random board.
You can't do that cause your not a /b/tard.
by CASH SMASH RASH. September 17, 2007
1. A prominent member of 4chan's /b/ board.
2. A mindless noob who invades innocent sites for fun.
3. A lover of furries and scat porn.
4. One who dwells in the asshole of the internets.
That guy is such a /b/tard.
/b/tards give the internet a bad name.
All /b/tards are pedophiles.
by Thelostcup August 29, 2006
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