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Freakin' A, leave already.
Newfag cancer..
Stay away from my /b/.
by xkannoutekix January 08, 2010
A collective of people that deflected from the normal course of life so severely, that they now live to make internet history. A collective of immature retards that's flaming skills are poor to the last degree. Boards that refuse to participate in their online charade of inanity are typically trolled by a few images of female genitalia, goatse, typical.
One day, a /b/tard wakes up, and with the feeble amount of brainpower he still has left, he musters up a thought, 'I fucked up.' It officially leads to what we like to call suicide.
by ThePlague September 02, 2006
makes me the current newfag and everyone below me the new newfag fag.
/b/ killed your daddy and raped your... pet nigra?
by discohitlerlulznubcoc September 26, 2009
meaning "random" from 4chan's /b/ imageboard
this is /b/
Im going to 4chan's /b/ board
by MR RUSSIA April 16, 2005
/b/ is what you should know but you dont so you come onto urban dictionary to find out well remember rule 1 and 2
Wanna learn about /b/? rules 1 and 2
by anon-dog May 25, 2008
Rule #1: Do not talk about /b/

Newfag: So yesterday I saw some sweet CP on /b/...

Anonymous: Don't you know the first rule? Fucking newfag...
by HAMBAMMER August 05, 2008
/b/ is the african-american teenage male wearing black lipstick..alll for lulz
nigha: fool whats wrong eith you,

/b/rother: i do whatever the fuck i want bitch
by Amcafee July 10, 2008