/b/ isn't illegal, its just frowned upon, like masturbating on a plane.
ITT: Mods are asleep jailbait/cp time /b/rothers :D
by SF Vega December 29, 2009
The toilet bowl of the internet. Where countless people lacking lives converge in order to show off just how sick they are. An extremely scary place, not for the faint of heart.

I dare you to stay away from it now.
Kid one: Yesterday, Henry framed me for murder. Man am I pissed at that guy.
Kid two: Harsh, man, what are you gonna do to get back at him?
Kid One: I told him to go to /b/
Kid two: You bastard! Don't you have a heart???

Meanwhile, Henry is found to have spontaneously combusted by his computer. The authorities are puzzled.
by shortstuffz July 13, 2009
None of your business

Read the rule

The Game
Newfag"whats /b/?"

Fag"Shut the fuck up"
by Iam/b/ May 25, 2009
The ass end of the Internet
Me: I went to /b/ the other day... My eyes will never be the same
by JackOSX March 14, 2010
A board on 4chan. I recommend you not going on it, because 90% of the time on the very first page, there will be images of either naked fat guys, nude grandmas, penises or dead people. Please, don't damage your mind with /b/.
Wow, another picture of a naked 40-year-old virgin on /b/.
by whatzuppp909090 October 22, 2011
Either the place to live your most morbid, surreal, and outrageous fantasies, or a place to lose all faith in the continuity of mankind itself. A place were if it exits there is porn, hentai, yaoi, yuri, and all other forms of sexual entertainment of it. Where the laws of physics fall apart.
Africa raping South America is on /b/
by BUSDRIVER the November 13, 2010
Rule 1 of the Internet: Do not talk about /b/.
Rule 2 of the Internet: Do NOT talk about /b/.
For those of you who don't already know, read on at your own risk and never mention it anywhere else.

/b/ is an image board on the infamous website 4chan. It has often been described as the toilet bowl of the internet; this is just the tip of the iceberg. /b/ is the darkest dungeon at the back of the darkest building at the end of the darkest street in the dirtiest toilet bowl in the unruliest prison.

Blue waffle, special fried rice, tubgirl, goatse and meatspin are all old material here, and common appearances include these along with pornographic/hentai renditions of every idea known to man (see Rule 34 of the Internet) and every disgusting sexual fetish conjured by man.

Don't destroy your eyes and brain, and don't force it on other people. Just one quick peek and you'll never forget it.
If /b/ was the only punishment in court, the world would be free of war and crime.

Don't do it. Just DON'T.
by iDWANA January 10, 2012

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