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1 ] Hiding behind your hands. This is usually followed by a (\'_'/) revealing your hiding place or a (\'_(\ meaning you only reaveled one eye.
2 ] A way to show you're scared *hiding behind your hands*
IE 1 ]
A) ^_^ hey!
B) hey!
A) /)_(\
B) Where the fsck did you go!?
A) (\^_^/) peek a boo!
B) HOLY SH!7!!?#@$k@)%ry@(!!!!!!!!!

IE 2 ]
A) DON'T KILL ME !! /)_(\ ;_;
by digiSAK3 August 16, 2006
A part of the latest generation of smilies, /_\ denotes a person looking very sad.
by Burrie December 09, 2004
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