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The almighty BRO HOOOF!!!

The brony version of a fist bump used widely across the internet by fans of the hit television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Xero_Manifest: Can i get an Amen if you think Derpy needs to come back to us??

Fellow Bronies: AMEN!!!!! /)
by Xero _ Manifest February 16, 2013
Used to show a "thumbs up" or some sort of approval - can also be used in a sarcastic manner; the opposite of \)
Guy: Dude, I passed "Polly" on expert drums on Rock Band!
Dude: /) Cool story, bro.
by YapmelkXela October 05, 2009
Symbol for telling your friends that you are really high by showcasing your eyes being all small and slanted with a big smile. Also know as the shark fin.

"Dinner was so good. /)"

"Music and /)...da best"

"Wanna get /)?"
by /) Creator April 26, 2013
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