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symbol linking two characters in a movie, game, manga, book or whatever in a romantic way. You don't say it, though, it's just written.
In Harry Potter, I ship Harry/Draco
by Julia November 15, 2003
50 53
character appended to the beginning of a word to denote that anything preceeding this word is now complete or terminated. Taken from hypertext language tag conventions.

No known pronounciation when used in this context.
So I am just tired of hearing her whine.

by BurnDown August 18, 2004
233 77
The root filepath in linux. The place where everything starts in linux.
The beginning of the filesystem

by m17ch June 21, 2006
85 33
usually what is pressed by weak pinkies while typing a question.
<iPwnn00bslol> I r teh having much of fun f@gs

<iDununderstanding> what?/
by Jsung November 21, 2008
30 19

The best thing ever.

The pairing of two male characters from any fandom, also used to denote a fanfiction in which this happens- with NON-animu characters!

That is called shohen-ai or something. I can't spell it. I'm not Japanese.

fuckwad: "Did you read that new South Park yaoi doishiji?"

Figure.10: *quizical glance* " mean the South Park slash comic?"

fuckwad: "Comic?!?"

Figure.10 *facepalm*

Later that day---

Figure.10: "la la de da la la.."

Rabid fangirls: "ATTACK!!!"


*is killed*
by Figure.10 June 30, 2009
67 65
A way to show that you are doing something, in the internet, or in an online chat.
/Picks you up

"I love you :D"
"I love you too x3 /giggles"
by Voteyesforpedro September 12, 2010
17 16
Used in fanfiction to define a romantic pairing, usually slash.
In the Panic! At The Disco fandom, the most common slash pairing is Ryan/Brendon.
by Tooz October 16, 2006
40 39