The symbol "//" is used mostly in roleplaying forums to denote "slash," or roleplays containing male/male or female/female romantic pairings. In contrast, "straight" romantic roleplays are often denoted with two upright lines (||). The use of "//" was popularized on the Neopets roleplaying board, where the use of the word "slash" and other synonyms (shounen-ai, yaoi, etc.) have been banned. However, as Neopets staff members have apparently begun to catch on to the meaning of "//," shutting down boards that advertise it, it is likely that this term, too, will soon be replaced by something more obscure.
common roleplaying board titles, particularly on Neopets:

// highschool
{modern fantasy}{//}{||}
by tarampaiel October 04, 2006
The two slash marks // when used in texting,short communications like Twitter, Facebook updates, and pictures represents love or the love of someone or something. Using the two slash marks // is the same as saying, I love you. The two slash marks can be used in conjuction with modifiers to create short sentences and greater explanations of the love felt.
Goodnight JJ. //
// you babe.
// so much.
// Quack!

by Payson's Dad February 05, 2009
Means "BoyxBoy" or "GirlxGirl" in usual RPGs. Very cute usually, but they do grow on you.
Steven and Alden like playing around in Steven's bed after hours. // Kind of playing.
by Ya-ya. June 03, 2006
emoticon that represents a man's erection while simultaneously indicating approval or enjoyment of the topic of conversation.
Bill: "I found $50 on the ground"
Sam: "//"
by harddrugs June 29, 2011
an emoticon sent in response to an email or SMS that indicates to the sender that recipient does understand or is confused by the point / context of the text/email. inspired by dogs tilting their heads to the side when they are confused.
sally: im gonna tonight
harry: /?/
sally: sorry, im gonna leave tonight
by ATBvsBFZ October 07, 2013
//, used in front of a statement containing sarcasm in email/IM/message boards, because it's hard to convey sarcasm without face-to-face contact or smilies.
First coined on newstoday, which incidentally has a high percentage of jaded designer types and no emoticons.
AIM kiddie: "DOOD, I TTLY LURVE TEH HOFF!!!111eleventy"
Jaded designer type: "//Yeah, i can't get enough of that hackneyed internet obsession either."
by haus53 April 20, 2006
Symbol standing for parallel.
The roads are // to each other.
by Vince Barbuto February 16, 2005

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