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Retards who think using ,,, instead of the grammatically correct (and better looking if you're for STYLE on the net../sigh) ... is wicked cool!
eyyaa C;,,, PEAS!!!

,,:LLL x
by shawenda July 05, 2010
A kind of salute, aka "the bird". Handy when texting
,!,, U
by Mastewong April 04, 2014
it is flipping off in a online chatroom
Apollo:Your an ass!

Josh:,,!, you!
by Apollo darkour August 28, 2009
the perfect emoticon for when there need be no words written. Go fuck yourself.
n00b1: hahaha i saw you make out with that fat chick last night
you: ,!,,
by kill yourself please December 07, 2005
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