To vote it up....to add something you like....Came into use after Google Plus debut.
I beer+ed last night.(beer plussed). meaning "I added (drank) beer last night"

+ me. meaning "Add me"

G+ me. Meaning "Add me to google plus".
by agarillon July 20, 2011
Top Definition
fucking math symbol... fuck math
weed + torn page from calculus book + codeine + shrooms = crazy joint
by cockulus May 06, 2003
Pluse, can also mean And, or Also,
and used in Math and Sience
you get the point
by private October 30, 2003
1) the symbol between 2 peoples names that love/like each other, usually with an = sign and heart after the last name
2) a math symbol made to give students headaches
3) meaning and or also
1) r + m = <3
2) 19345028 + 1835740263
3) for supper we had steak + shrimp
by xoxoxo<3 July 22, 2007
Plus sign.
1+1 = 2
by AnomalyArsenic December 05, 2011
Not to forget.
I had invited Michael, Jen, Roy + Marshall.
by i'm not new December 23, 2009
Symbol added to the end of a person's name to indicate bisexuality. Not meant to be offensive.
"Hey, did you hear what Joe+ did last night?"
by Zack the Great December 12, 2003

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