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The *clit twitch* is a female bodily reaction and sensation that can only be understood and appreciated amongst women.

A verbalisation of the female genital spasm (specifically, the 'awakening' of the clitoris) that is often experienced upon seeing something that is sexually pleasing.

Said typically from one woman to another, *clit twitch* is the mutual understanding of the level of excitement associated with the topic. A *clit twitch* can be associated with men, food, drugs or a scenario.
Example 1: Scenario/Food

Female Roommate 1 to Female Roommate 2:

FR1: 'Hey, I thought maybe we would order Pizza and watch a movie tonight'

*After experiencing a long and tiring day*

FR2:"*clit twitch*"

FR1: (after chuckling appropriately) 'Pizza and Movies it is then'

Example 2: Men

Female Friend 1 to Female Friend 2

FF1: 'So incredibly hot guy is coming to the party tonight'

*Horny and turned on by said male party guest*

FF2: 'Oh my God, incredibly hot guy is going? God he is gorgeous, like actually, "*clit twitch*"
by StrawberryRubberDuckie October 12, 2011