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Sometimes added on the end of a written statement that is meant to be sarcastic, especially online. Sarcastic text can often be misunderstood since the reader cannot find an inflection or other indications of sarcasm.

Variants include -Sarcasm-, ~Sarcasm~, =Sarcasm=, <Sarcasm>, etc.

Ladiezzman29: dude don't fuckin mess i have all these ladiez in my bed rite now jusst waitin for me to come

DevotedRationale: Of course. We all know how you're such a huge pimp. *Sarcasm*
by ShAdOwZ March 16, 2009
The completely unnecessary word people put after their comments when they think sarcasm wasn't apparent enough already.
- I just learned how to defy gravity!

- Suuure you did. *sarcasm*
by Polyatomical July 07, 2011