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Most often used by stupid people who aren't sure about their spelling but can't think to look it up on the internet.
I stuk (sp?) an appl (sp?) intu (sp?) my uglie (sp?) coont (sp?) !!!!!!!111111oneone1111!!!11!!!!!one
by Mooselord June 28, 2004
1. A way to show that a word may be incorrectly spelt. Also associated with the abbreviation of spelling into sp.
Example - I conviently (sp?) found a hundred dollar bill.
by GeminiDreams February 09, 2006
Used in fan made stories after a word, name, place, etc. that the writer is not sure they spelled correctly. There are multiple ways to write this.
The girl was exhilerated (sp?) when she heard the news.
by GothicGal96 May 15, 2010
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