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A popular emoticon illustrating Boobs.
I like boobies like these (oYo)
by Testeburger November 15, 2007
A text imitation of breasts
hornyguy44: Send a pic of ur babylons pls!
erica43: ( o Y o )
by dddman December 28, 2008
tits that got dem some nice nipples, also relatizzled b
pierced ( o, Y o, )
huge nips ( O Y O )
tiny nips ( . Y . )
and, perky ( ^ Y ^ )

therizzle's mizzle, but i aintizzle got no tizzle!
( o Y o )
by snizzle dizzle mizzle holla December 18, 2004
i heart boobies (oYo)
by smore snwaps January 22, 2003
A slang term for a woman's breast. It originated from the visual ASCII (text) representation of tits: (o Y o)
Damn, that chick's got some nice oyos.

That bitch's oyos are so fake.
by CufuGuy November 02, 2011
Way of creating a set of cans for people who only dream of the real thing.
Hey Geoff, check out the rack I can make with my keyboard because im such a pathetic loser and will never pull any ass because I play D & D all day, ( o Y o )
by PrestonF October 13, 2006

It's used on chat room and message boards and crap.
heh.. I like your oYo..
by HiredAssassin August 12, 2006
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