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a "y" between a pare of parentheses that looks very similar to a vagina & a set of hips.
via text message*
dude1: i turtelly got some (y) last night
dude2: tht roxx
by kBopp253 June 26, 2010
A shorthand way to write "yo" to save space, although now more used to seem cool. The parentheses symbolize the "o" encasing the "y" forming "yo."
Dave: "(Y) wassup brotha'"
Mark: "Not much (y) just chillin'."
by SpammersAreLame April 13, 2011
No, all you guys are wrong. It's obviously a chick's lower body - vag and thighs! See? Like her waist and hips and legs? Yeah. That's right. I got it. It's an emoticon portraying femininity and putting emphasis on the estrogen in a statement.
Damn. I saw a really nice pinup the other day. (Y)
by Aartemis January 30, 2009
Bunny ears, durr ._.'
N00b: omfg what duz dis mean (Y)
SmartPerson: v__V Bunny ears, you twat.
N00b: omfg what duz twat mean?
SmartPerson: ....
Smartperson: *Kills N00b*
by Omfg Kthnx. June 24, 2006
To all of you who thought it was a thumbs up. Your clearly wrong. Theyre boobs
I tottally saw her (Y)
by tig ole bitties February 26, 2008