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The Equation of Life

Notice carefully:
8=D is the formula for the penis.
Putting this formula in parentheses () symbolizes insertion into the vagina.
Since all life comes from this magical union of the genitals, (8=D) is the universal mathematical representation of the dirty deed.
"Oh Em Gee! Anthony just totally wrote (8=D) on the chalkboard! I wonder if the teacher notices?"
by The Masked Midnight Ranger April 03, 2006
117 87
I though it was a smiley face. I used it everywhere. Now I'm banned from lots of forums. =(
Me: I'm so happy! 8=D

Admin: Why, you like penis? *BANNZOR*
by Meijer's! July 20, 2005
3636 420
A penis
other examples:
"i told him 8=D was a math problem and wrote it all over his book and he was fine with it. What a dumbass!"
by trayvaughn deshauvenston March 20, 2005
1362 500
A delighted gentleman with sunglasses on his head.

That, or a very unhappy gentleman who isn't very well-endowed.
1. Look at my cool shades! 8=D

2. My penis is so small. : 8=D
by veXxv July 29, 2006
1313 527
It's the happy chef, as coined by me and my friend. Yes, we know what It was originally intended for.
WastedJamacan: hey 5up3rh4x0r, it's the happy chef 8=D
5up3rh4x0r: Yeah well my chef hat is taller 8==D
5up3rh4x0r: :3
by WastedJamacan November 21, 2009
225 371
You know what it is! It's a STIFFIE!!!! hahaha! All you have to do is go up to someone and say "eight equals Dee" and they wont know what the fuck your saying! It gives a boring day a little boost of fun! If you know what I mean.
Hey! 8=D.......and 8 will always = D!!!!

by C=Dizzle January 22, 2007
304 486
a dolphin
look mommy! theres flipper!
by anonymous February 06, 2003
261 569