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used by msn obsessives to create the emoticon of a musical note even when it doesn't appear (i.e. in mIRC or internet blogs)
often used at the end of song quotations
wheeeen was the laaast tiiiime you daaaaanced(8)
by higgyC May 23, 2007
Defining sarcasm of some sort, usually in an eeeeehhh voice. Often associating with times when someone doesn't understand your sarcasm so you step it up a notch. Meaning the opposite of what you wrote. Most common use is at the end of "I like you (8)" changing the meaning to "I hate you"
Girl: Guess what, I like you.
Guy: I like you (8)
Girl: *Runs off crying*

Girl1: That test was easy. (8)
Girl2: Eeeeh I'll pass that test (8)
by mdkidsfolyfe January 28, 2010
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