Boobs, used on the computer to signify boobs.
Best used if on a game site that does not allow swearing or any other profanity. Can also be angry eyes, most people associates it as boobs though.
Man 1 - Dude I had my hands on her ( . Y . )
Man 2 - Whoa man nice *high five*
Stupid Man 3 - Angry eyes, why touch those?
by Motafota August 06, 2008
The cool way of writing "tits" on the internet, as opposed to (.)(.) which can be misinterpreted as olives or eyes. It can also express the pleasure you find in tits.
Boy 1: Yesterday i just saw the best tits on this fuckin hot chick.
Boy 2: Neat! (. Y .)
by Kåre Skinnebach February 07, 2008
Boobs. Originally written on calculators
"OMFG im so c00l, i drew b00bz on my calculator ( .Y. )!"
by deadfish July 05, 2008
Text art boobs
lol b00b5!!!!1!! ( . Y . )
by n00bslama June 20, 2009
Those are boobs.
Boobies ( . Y . )
by Love Jesus July 09, 2009

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