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An emoticon that you can text or type that stands for breasts usually large ones
it means breasts because it looks like boobs
yo man my gf has big ( . )Y( . )
by shlubster March 03, 2012
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picture of boobs that you can text
guy 1: yo she had some huge ( . )Y( . )!!

guy 2: I know i was staring at them the entire time!!
by a random person with no name September 05, 2011
The paranthases represent the outside of a female breast the periods represent the nipples and the capital Y represents the Breasts pushing together and forming a crack.
I am so sexy my Breasts look like (.)Y(.)
by Stephen Grzemkowski August 08, 2008
a chat-room symbol which represents breasts and cleavage.
Yo man look at her honkers!!! DAYAM they were this big ( . ) Y ( . ) (<--- not life-size)
by Treli1337 August 16, 2008
boobs very nice and juicey bonce and soft!
amanda's ( . )Y( . ) are very soft and boncey!
by some guys guy December 02, 2007
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