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I am the walrus.
Bob: What does (:3= mean?
Ted: I am the walrus.
Bob: What?
Ted: I don't know, its gibberish from The Beatles.
Bob: The what?
Ted: I will Falcon Punch you.
*Ted Falcon Punches Bob*
by We is scientists December 23, 2009
an emoticon depicting a walrus
from left to right: top of its head, eyes, mouth, tusks
crikey, look at the size of them tusks on that walrus!

by eugene lee January 18, 2007
IT'S A FREAKIN' WALRUS! (best animal known to man, besides the emu) :3=
Guy 1: HEY YOU! how cool do you think you are?
Guy 2: pretty damn cool
Guy 1: prove it
Guy 2: :3=
Guy 1: ... fuck your cool...
by 987097 July 11, 2010
An emote made to resemble a Walrus (making lulrus references is this much more awesome)
Gillian: ":3= it MUH bucket!"
by Gillian Kevner October 26, 2008